I am FransA de Koning



I am FransA de Koning


Kasteel Bouvigne Breda Wedding location

I am FransA de Koning


Gay Pride Brussel 2019






Old buildings



Tom Dumoulin

The website

Welcome to my site. (Translated with Google) Due to the corona virus, 2020 was and 2021 is a disaster year for my hobby and event photography. Especially for a man with my (medical) background. That meant sitting indoors a lot. No festivals, events and therefore few photos. And also this year a lot has been canceled or moved to next year. But ....... we are going to hope for the coming year. We continue to have courage. How that will work out has been and was still completely uncertain when this site was made. For the time being, it remains to be seen how the virus and the associated freedoms will develop. So we just have to make do with memories and you will find a number of them here on the site.

About me

In short. I am a 74 year old hobby photographer. In my working life I did this as a side job, now as a hobby. After stopped for a while at the end of the analog photography, I have taken up the thread again since a few years, but with the digital one cameras. I like to do different types of photography such as landscape, cities, villages, flowers, nature and event photography. Everything on a modest level. Street photography and I also really enjoy portrait / person photography, but unfortunately it is that is increasingly difficult without nagging. I personally love to look at pictures, so you can safely call my pictures, without the exception, pictures instead of pictures. (It doesn't matter to me.) I also really enjoy doing event photography. Take casual photos, but unfortunately the festival directors are not so good with the hobbyists. That is why I only shoot outdoors and where you have free access. And of course you can take pictures freely. Last year (2020) was one in that regard disaster year. (But not just for me.) But we're going for new ones chance, although for people my age always becomes more exciting. :-)

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The pictures

The quality of the photos may vary. They were taken at different times, with different cameras and different lenses. The quality thereof can differ per camera and / or lens. And the weather influences also play a role in this.


News and games. (memory)

Below three Memory games based on the photos I made. (From simple to very difficult ...... yeah really very difficult.) For when you have nothing to do during the corona crisis.


Begijnhof Breda
Belgian Pride
Breda Jazz 2018 (part 1)
Breda Jazz 2018 (part 2)
Breda Jazz 2018 (part 2)
Canal Pride Utrecht 2017
Canal Pride 2018
Canal Pride 2019
Canal Pride Alkmaar 2019
Carnaval Breda 2019
Dordrecht Groot
Dorpjes (diversen)
Jazz Duketwon Den Bosch 2019
Hartjesdagen Amsterdam 2017
Jazz Festivals 2017 (Breda/Den Bosch)
Tilburgse Kermis
Kerstmarkt Dordrecht
Nassau Dag Breda
Roze Maandag Tilburg 2018
The Passion Dordrecht
Dordt in Stoom
Old Paper
Digitale schetsen
Still empty
Still empty

Attention !

Did you receive a password during a personal meeting to retrieve a photo. Then click on the button on the right. (In abundance: Take good care of your password. Keep it to yourself so that your photos remain safe. You will receive it once and you have a week to retrieve your photo, unless otherwise agreed.)

Events 2022

Last year, many events were canceled or took place in limited form as a result of the corona crisis. As far as known, the new data for 2022 have been entered here.
(All this can still change)

Carnaval 2022

For the time being, Carnival festivities have already been canceled in advance.

Belgian Pride 2022

Nice Pride in Brussel.

Alkmaar Pride 2022

Modest but very accessible Canal Pride

Breda Jazz 2022

Three days of jazz in Breda Center

Jazz Duke Town 2022

Four days of jazz in Den Bosch Center

Dordt in Stoom 2022

Old steam engines, boats and cars.

Roze Zaterdag 2022

After the cancellation last year, also this year in Rotterdam

Canal Pride Utrecht 2022

Most beautiful (Personal) Pride of the Netherlands in the canals.

Big Rivers Dordrecht 2022

3 Days Blues music festival in Dordrecht

Roze Woensdag 4 Daagse 2022

During the four days Nijmegen a lot of walkers in the Pink.

Roze Maandag Tilburg 2022

Busy and fun party during the Tilburg Fair.

Zomercarnaval Rotterdam 2022

Here the diverse cultures come together.

Amsterdam Pride 2022

Biggest pride, but very busy. Not yet known in what form it will be this year.

Antwerp Pride 2022

Pride the Belgian way.

Hartjesdagen Amsterdam 2022

Old party, men dress as women and women as men on the Zeedijk.

WereldHavendagen Rotterdam 2022

Boats ..... boats ...... and demonstrations navy, police, etc.

Dordrecht Pride 2022

Small Pride.

Rotterdam Pride 2022

This year right with the pink Saturday

Kerstmarkt Dordrecht 2022

Nice and busy Christmas market in the center of Dordrecht. For 3 days


Unforeseen circumstances.

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